why you need to be inside the mind
of the tablet user

Tablet adoption may be in its infancy, but users are already in the driver’s seat. Tablet users view the device as fundamentally different from PCs, laptops and smartphones. It inspires new uses. It unleashes creativity. It’s being taken where no PC has gone before. Tablet users are surprising themselves in how they use their new device, both professionally and personally.

Moreland Associates is conducting a quarterly research project called ”Inside the Mind of the Tablet User” to understand what tablet users want, like, dislike and how they feel and think about these revolutionary devices. The research is designed to reveal the attitudes, issues, desires and beliefs of tablet users:

  • What inspired them to buy in the first place
  • How actual usage compares to anticipated usage
  • What is exciting to them about the future
  • What frustrates them
  • Preferred applications and accessories, including brands
  • Most popular applications and accessories
  • Applications they actually use if the bloom has come off the tablet rose
  • How satisfied they are with different tablet brands
  • How strong their brand loyalty is to tablet manufacturers
  • What they tell prospective buyers to look for in a tablet

We also examine the attitudes, issues and beliefs of tablet shoppers – those considering purchase within the next twelve months:

  • Who they are looking to for guidance
  • Criteria for selection
  • What motivates their interest
  • How they anticipate using the device
  • Their expectations
  • What they like and dislike that they’ve seen already
  • What they are waiting for
  • What brands they favor for consideration
  • How applications influence their tablet selection
  • If smartphone brands influence their tablet selection
  • If having an iTunes, Android Market, Blackberry App World or other app store influence their tablet selection

This study is conducted using our proprietary attitudinal research method, Cascade®. With 30 years of proven results, Cascade is the only documented research method that uncovers the balance between the emotional and the rational reasons people buy or affiliate and calculates the best set of words to appeal to them.

Since its development in 1982, Cascade has delivered a complete solution to the research needs of more than one hundred of the world’s leading marketers and their companies, including Apple Computer, Chrysler, General Electric, IBM, Intel and Phillips Corporation. Cascade’s ability to reveal deep insights into the mind of tablet users and to track the change in those attitudes over time makes it the ideal tool for understanding this fast changing market.

The survey is available to current and prospective tablet users online at www.tabletusersurvey.com. We invite you to take a look.

how this research can help you

Tablets are poised to transform the relationship between users and computing and the ”Inside the Mind of the Tablet User” quarterly study will provide the insights to capitalize on this revolution:

  • You will know your customer’s wants and needs and be better able to delight them
  • Investors will reap rewards for understanding the users and their influence on the market’s evolution.
  • Organizations and institutions seeking to improve productivity and lower IT costs will avoid costly mistakes by understanding directly from users what they say are the best tablets, applications and accessories and why.

To learn more about how the findings of ”Inside the Mind of the Tablet User” can help you or to undertake your own research on tablet usage, please call us at 510-467-1550.


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