cascade® - giving you
an unfair competitive advantage

A smart business is always looking for a competitive edge. An advantage that will take away competitor's customers, convert your prospects into paying customers and attract new prospects at the same time. Nothing gives you a bigger advantage than intimate knowledge of what your customers and prospects really want and what will motivate them to action in your favor. Cascade offers you exactly that advantage.

When the concept of customer research first appeared, smart companies jumped at the chance to use it to create a competitive edge by gathering some rudimentary information they could use to boost sales. Other companies took a wait-and-see attitude — and were acquired or failed. And, until now, that nose-counting, yes-no, on a scale of 1-5 method has been the acceptable standard. Typically it led to product modifications and/or changes in target audiences. Unfortunately, as more and more products and services are faced with increasing parity, and as customers and prospects become increasingly savvy and have more and more choices, it gets harder and harder — almost impossible, in fact — for that historic method to identify true competitive advantages.

Cascade makes a quantum leap past traditional research. By measuring emotional as well as rational thinking, it not only discovers how your customers and prospects feel about you and your competition, it tells you which issues/ideas are the most important - and why. And, perhaps most importantly, Cascade tells you which message points will draw your customers and prospects closer to you products than your competitors. That's why we call Cascade your unfair competitive advantage.

Imagine having that kind of information at your fingertips. Or, you could also imagine your competitor having that information and using it against you. Be one of the smart companies. Contact us today. Get your unfair competitive advantage.


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