traction plans

"Good plans shape good decisions. That's why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true."

Lester R. Bittel
The Nine Master Keys of Management

The Traction Plan describes the current business, the market drivers, the traction metrics, market segmentation, and the steps to achieving market traction. It is a working document and intelligence about the buyers, sales experiences, competition, and results inform the plan's evolution. Evidence of traction is defined and captured in the Traction Plan.

positioning and messaging

Powerful company and product messages set you apart from your competition and paint a crystal clear picture of who you are for your customers, analysts, press, and employees. Moreland gathers input from your team and crafts unambiguous statements for all your key audiences. Successful marketing and sales initiatives start with positioning and messaging development or refinement.

market segmentation

We all know that it's easier to hit a target with a machine gun than a rifle. But using the machine gun approach in business is a costly proposition. You need A LOT of bullets! Moreland believes that specific attention should be paid to selecting one or two very well defined target segments to focus expensive sales resources. Moreland will guide you in defining the one or two market segments to pursue FIRST. After the segments have been agreed to, the Traction Plan for attacking these segments will be created.

pricing and packaging models

Pricing and packaging tailored to the target market segment will support and shorten the sales cycle. A good pricing model makes it easy for the customer to buy. Product packaging that reflects the specific needs of the target segment sends a strong signal you understand their business needs and are committed to addressing them. Inexpensive and subtle tailoring of product pricing and packaging to a market segment can yield dramatic results.

launch planning and execution

Moreland works with your team to develop and execute the launch plan and ensure the programs and resources needed are delivered on time and within budget. A well planned and well coordinated launch will ensure maximum impact and minimum cost.

product life cycle and product management

It can be difficult for young technology companies to allocate the resources to implement company-wide processes like a Product Life Cycle (PLC). Essential to supporting the company's growth, by nature they are not urgent. Moreland can work with your team to tailor a PLC for your business with minimum expenditure of and disruption to your internal resources. Other product management processes like Product Enhancement Request (PER) and Product Change Notification (PCN) processes can also be designed, project managed, and implemented.

sales and marketing tools

Building market traction requires tools. Sales and marketing materials are essential, everyday tools for the sales and marketing team. From collateral to websites to presentations, Moreland's team develops and produces sales and marketing tools of all kinds often to support specific stages of the Traction Plan.

competitive analysis

"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle."
Sun-Tzu (~300 BC)

To win you must be prepared. It is vital to know your competition. It is vital your customer knows how you are different from your competitor. Competitive analysis provides the knowledge you need to be prepared and to differentiate your company and products from the field of competitors. Moreland provides competitive analysis services separately and as an integral part of the Traction Plan.

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marketing and communications plans

Marketing plans structure the timeline of events and deliverables from pre-launch' launch' post-launch. The communication plan, a subset of the marketing plan, maps the message(s) and timing to each critical audience in a marketing program. Moreland can provide marketing and communications planning services and project management services to ensure the smooth execution of the plans.

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