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ChalkTalkTV is a fresh way to reach your buyers that is authentic and builds credibility.

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A chalk talk is an informal presentation supported by illustrations drawn on a chalk or white board. Chalk talks are a popular business communication tool used to explain new technologies, strategies, and processes.

In a sales situation, a chalk talk delivered by the company’s expert quickly builds credibility and moves the buyer along the buying process. Buyers want to hear the straight story from your key “guy” - that passionate, credible founder, technical guru or been-there-done-that-expert who gets the story across like no one else in the company.

Put that champion in a conference room at a white board and, like magic, you’re in the game.

Unfortunately, a personal chalk talk with each target buyer is cost and time prohibitive.

That’s why we developed ChalkTalkTV™ - so you can deliver that in-person chalk talk experience to a much wider audience. ChalkTalkTV video is a virtual whiteboard presentation that showcases your internal expert describing the key differentiators of your technology, business model, innovation, or thought leadership. The video chalk talk captures the passion and authenticity of the champion and serves as a compelling sales and marketing tool. Featured in email campaigns, your trade show booth, and press releases ChalkTalkTV videos provide a powerful way to connect with your buyers.

ChalkTalkTV Videos
  • Create a personal, authentic connection with the buyer
  • Build credibility
  • Move buyers along the buying process
  • Are much more memorable than text alone

Video combines both audio and visual communication which improves retention dramatically. Video is powerful for relationship building as well. People report feeling as though they have already met the presenter after seeing them on video.

ChalkTalkTV Service
The ChalkTalkTV service is a turn-key solution for the production and delivery of engaging video chalk talks. Video chalk talks are produced the same way a TV show is. While appearing casual and impromptu, the content, filming, direction and video production must be carefully orchestrated and professionally executed.

The ChalkTalkTV service includes:

  • Content development guidance
  • Presentation training
  • Studio facilities, including professional lighting, audio and video equipment
  • Professional producer and videographer
  • Producing ChalkTalkTV Video (of up to 10 minutes in length)
  • Editing, embedded credits, and titles (lower-thirds)
  • Final file preparation

ChalkTalkTV service options

ChalkTalkTV options include video hosting services, supplemental content synchronized to the video, landing page development and full promotional marketing campaign development and execution.

To learn more about ChalkTalkTV video and discuss how to use it in your organization, email us at or Call 510-467-1550.



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