channel development

Moreland’s services range from program support for channels to opening and channel development. Moreland understands how resource intensive it can be for young companies to develop and support channel relationships. Moreland can act as a manufacturer’s rep and take the lead in channel development. Alternatively, Moreland can make introductions to the Systems Integrators and VARs with whom we maintain relationships. Channel sales development services include marketing programs and lead generation programs.

sales development

Moreland also assists in sales development activities with lead generation programs, sales incentive programs, marketing programs, and telemarketing and cold calling campaign development, management, and implementation.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”
Albert Einstein

new market development

From analysis to planning to execution, Moreland offers services to allow you to expand into new markets without adding additional staff.

partnership development

OEM and strategic partnerships can deliver a powerful boost to your market traction efforts. The credibility of the partner opens customer doors, awakens industry interest, and puts the partner’s sales force on your team. Moreland can make introductions to OEMs and strategic partners, help to structure the relationship, and help support the partnership once it is in place.

partnership management

To be effective, partnerships require systematic marketing and relationship support which can be a drain on a young company's resources and distract from the direct sales and marketing efforts. Moreland can help by acting as the partner manager. In this capacity, we provide a single-point-of-contact for both you and your partner. By actively managing the partnership, the maximum value is derived with a minimum of disruption and wasted resources.

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