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blueprint for sustainable IT budget reduction
Steve O'Connor, BMC Software

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This sample chalk talk targets CIOs and describes a process for cutting IT costs. It illustrates some of the elements of a good video chalk talk. It’s delivered by someone who is credible to the target audience and the information is valuable.  CIOs want to hear from other CIOs and they want implementable solutions to the problems on their plate today. The viewer can download the completed whiteboard as a PDF making it easy to immediately use and share the information

For this video chalk talk, the writing on the white board is repeated in the window adjacent to the main video player and synchronized to the presentation. This supplemental content highlights the writing on the board so the viewer can focus on what the speaker is saying. Synchronized content can also be used to provide complementary information or images.  

using ChalkTalkTV video on your website

Landing PageThe informal, personal message in the ChalkTalkTV video gives the viewer a sense of engagement with the speaker. You can leverage this effect by providing ways for the viewer to ask questions or make comments directly on the video web page. For example, the video web page can include an email link, blog, or chat. When the buyer interacts, you build credibility and cultivate the relationship.

ChalkTalkTV videos will improve your search engine ranking for natural language search. While additional steps are required to optimize a video web page, the extra steps are valuable. Twenty-five percent (25%) of clicks on search results are in the natural language search area, not the ads, so SEO is very cost effective for driving site traffic.  

Sharing videos is increasingly popular and you can encourage sharing by offering a “ShareThis” button and RSS syndication. ChalkTalkTV videos are a natural fit for your social media marketing programs and can be added to your social network sites such YouTube and Facebook.

You can also provide supplemental content on the ChalkTalkTV video web page such as a white paper, FAQs, best practices, presentations, and other videos.

To learn more about the ChalkTalkTV service and discuss how to use it in your organization, email us at or Call 510-467-1550

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